HP 15-BS115DX Review

The all new HP 15-BS115DX fits a broad range of potential customers due to its well balanced design. It provides a full sized 15.6 inch display and enough performance to easily beat out many of the budget friendly models without going to far to the extreme and being what many would consider expensive. Below we are going to review some of the key benefits and downsides to this model to see just how well it stacks up.

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Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB SATA

Screen: 15.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


– For those that like to save everything running out of hard drive space can be one of the biggest frustrations with a new laptop. Luckily that isn’t something you should have to worry about with this model as it comes with a very large 1 TB drive that should easily cover you needs and than some
– The Intel Core i7 processor typical gets all the hype but the Intel Core i5 shouldn’t be overlooked. It is more budget friendly that its sibling but doesn’t lack in the performance department and provides a great balance between the two important factors
– You don’t have to give up too much for mobility to get the full sized display with this choice as it only weighs 4.5 pounds making it still a reasonable option for those on the go
– Still using physical media like CD’s and DVD’s on a regular basis? Your in luck as this model includes a DVD-RW optical drive


– Many consumers will love the large hard drive provided but others will still be a bit disappointed to not see an SSD drive in this model as it would have added a nice performance boost to the setup
– The Intel UHD Graphics 620 has been included and while capable enough to satisfy average users those who like to do high end gaming will be left disappointed


As you can see from the review above this HP model has plenty of good factors which make it ideal for the average home laptop user. Because of this it should come as no surprise it is already one of the more popular models on the market.

Check out the latest price for the HP 15-BS115DX