HTC VIVE Pro 99HANW01500 Review

If your looking to experience the world of virtual reality at its best you need a good headset and one of the top headsets currently available is the HTC VIVE Pro 99HANW01500. But is this particular headset really as good as the reviews say? lets look at some of its key benefits and downsides to … Read more

Lenovo Mirage Solo ZA3C0003US Review

Lenovo is a Chinese technology company that is well known for their laptops and tablets. The Mirage Solo VR headsets were developed in a joint venture with Google. Google has been driving VR in two ways, through Daydream, their Android VR platform and through WorldSense, their tracking system. The Lenovo Mirage is their first offering … Read more

Lenovo Mirage ZA3A0022US Review

With the launch of the Lenovo Mirage standalone VR headset, the company decided a dual-lens VR camera would complement it nicely. Now users can easily create VR content from stills to video with the wide-angle, dual-lens VR camera. This user-friendly VR camera can shoot live video in 180 degrees.   Check out the latest price … Read more

Oculus Go 301-00104-01 Review

Oculus is an American company specializing in Virtual Reality headsets and related technology. They have been going since 2012 and have developed a reputation for well-priced quality headsets. Their main lines are the Rift, the Go and the Gear VR. The 301-00104-01 64MB Go option is all in one VR headset. It is lightweight, comfortable … Read more