Asus C300SA C300SADH02RD Review

For the longest time the decision on what to purchase usually came down to two options, either a Windows PC or Apple product but that is no longer the case. Chromebook has made a huge splash on the market over the last couple of years by introducing scaled down laptops that are very budget friendly. One of the latest to hit the market is the new Asus C300SA C300SADH02RD which we will look at closer below as we determine some of its key benefits and downsides.


Processor: Intel Celeron

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 16 GB eMMC

Screen: 13.3 Inches

OS: Chrome OS


– No matter what your budget you want to make sure your not paying to much and with the low budget friendly price on this model it will attract all types of consumers
– Due to its compact screen size of 13.3 inches and lightweight material it only weighs 3 pounds. This is great for those who are on the go often and need something very portable
– Not one but two USB 3.0 ports are included on this device along with important features such as HDMI and a built-in card reader
– The island style keyboard works quite well when typing for extended periods of time


– As is typical with Chromebook models Google tries to push you to using online storage for most of your files and only gives you a limited amount of internal storage. In this case it is 16 GB and not everybody is comfortable putting their important documents in the “Cloud”
– Due to its basic hardware this laptop is not a good option for the dedicated gamer who wants to be able to play the latest titles


Chromebooks are not for everybody but most day to day users will find everything they need included in a model such as this and it is hard to beat the very budget friendly price.