Sony XBR75X850F Review

Sony has spent a lot of time and money building a line of excellent 4K television sets. The XBR75X850F is a continuation of that line. Before we get into this, let’s make it known that this is not a “budget” television set. It is very high-end and as such, it is very expensive. That said, it is also of excellent quality!

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Screen Size: 75 Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: Yes

HDMI Ports: 4

Resolution: 4K


– Each one of Sony’s high-end 4K televisions produces stunning images. This model is no exception. The colors are rich and vibrant. Each image has an immense amount of detail and depth. Every image – regardless of the resolution that your movie, show, or video game is at – is upscaled to a beautiful 4K resolution, ensuring that everything looks absolutely amazing!
– There is an enormous amount of connectivity with this television set. Wi-Fi is built in, but it supports Amazon Alexa, and it runs on Android, which means that you can use this television to do the same things that you do on your smartphone.
– The television itself is very sleek and easy to use. You don’t need to spend a lot of time setting it up, and all of the ports are in an easy to reach place, and the whole thing is pleasing on an aesthetic level, and from an ease of use perspective.


– Sony specializes in high-end televisions. Especially when it comes to there 4K models, so this particular television is not cheap. Currently, it is three-thousand and three-hundred dollars, which isn’t out of the ordinary for a 4K television. However, Samsung has recently entered the 4K television market with a line of inexpensive 4K televisions that are almost as good.
– Given the price, it seems as if Bluetooth connectivity would be a given, but it is not. Instead, there is only Wi-Fi and USB connectivity, when it comes to external devices that don’t use HDMI.


The Sony XBR75X850F is an excellent high-end television set that looks and feels absolutely amazing! However, this is a high-end model and as such, it’s only for people who really crave the kinds of images that these models produce. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, than this really isn’t the television set for you.

Check out the latest price for the Sony XBR75X850F