Dell Inspiron I7570-7800SLV-PUS Review

We have recently reviewed some great budget friendly laptops but on the other end of the spectrum we have high priced yet also highly powered devices like the Dell Inspiron I7570-7800SLV-PUS. This model may not be easy on the wallet but when it comes to offering both the performance and features that users want it does a great job. Below we will investigate some of the benefits and downsides to this new Dell model to see if it might be the right choice for you.


Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 16 GB of RAM

Storage: 512 GB SSD

Screen: 15.6 Inches

OS: Windows 10


  • The full sized 15.6 inch display is 4K Ultra HD giving you great picture quality while also being touch screen so you can take advantage of the latest way to interface with your device
  • It comes equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7 so you will have the processing power to run any application
  • SSD technology helps give this laptop a boost in performance due to its faster read and write times. One of the disadvantages of SSD that crops up on some models is the lack of storage space but Dell has covered this by offering a large 512 GB SSD drive
  • The GeForce 940MX graphics card allows you to not only be productive but also handle the latest games when it comes time to relax


  • Price is going to be a big factor that turns away many customers that would love to purchase this model. Unfortunately to get high specs like you can find in this device you need to be willing to pay the price
  • It is on the bulky side for a 15.6 inch model weighing just over 5 pounds so it isn’t the ideal model for those on the go
  • This is quite common in new models now but just in case you were expecting it, an optical drive is not included. If you still use physical media like DVD’s or CD’s you will need to purchase a separate external drive to read and write to these.


If your looking for big performance along with all the latest and greatest features like touch screen, backlit keyboard and multiple USB 3.0 ports this is a great choice. It won’t be easy on the wallet but looks to be well worth the higher than average price tag.