Sony XBR75X940E Review

Here it is. Sony’s most high-end television. This isn’t for someone on a budget, or someone that isn’t really concerned with image quality or high-end functionality. This is for the enthusiast, the person that wants only the best on the market. If that’s you, then keep reading, because this might be the right television set for you.


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Screen Size: 75-Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: Yes

HDMI Ports: 4

Resolution: 4K




  • The Sony XBR75X940E has a stunning picture. One of the best on the market as of right now. Due to the 4K resolution and high-quality upscaling, everything you do on this television will be rendered in the most vibrant and most crisp colors. Allowing you to see every little detail and every little texture. The beauty on display is truly incredible.
  • The Sony XBR75X940E has an immense amount of features and functions. It’s a “Smart TV”, which means that it can access the internet, access Google, and you can even ask it questions using the voice-controlled remote. Another big bonus with this television is that you have access to Netflix and Hulu, along with other streaming services. It’s all built in and you can use it once you plug it in and connect to your wireless connection.
  • A new speaker system allows for the sound to be far more immersive than on a regular television. This new sound system utilizes front-facing speakers, rather than speakers behind the television set, which allows you to hear the sound a lot easier and to feel as if you are right there, with the characters in your movie or television show.




  • The price is quite high – nearly four-thousand dollars – but you are paying for quality. This model is Sony’s best and most advanced, and as such, it costs a lot.




If you are an enthusiast, if you are someone that wants only the best, then this is the television for you. If you are not an enthusiast, then this probably isn’t the one for you, due to the high-cost and the fact that this is far more complicated than a standard HDTV. Nonetheless, if you want the best, then this is the best.


Check out the latest price for the Sony XBR75X940E