Sony XBR55X900F Review

Just a few days ago, Sony released their brand new 4K television. The Sony XBR55X900F. This television is designed for people wish to view movies and television – along with video games – in only the most colorful, most crisp, and most vibrant way. It may cost a pretty penny, but if want only the best, then this is the right television for you. Today, we’re going to break down some of the key benefits of this model, along with some of the downsides of Sony’s new model.


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Screen Size: 55-Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: Yes

HDMI Ports: 2

Resolution: 4K




  • The 4K resolution allows for any movie or television show or video game to really pop. Using advanced HDR technology, every single image is processed and upscaled frame by frame. This means that anything you watch or do will have an immensity of detail and crispness that you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Google Assistant allows for an ease-of-use that is unparalleled. Using your voice-controlled remote, you can ask for the weather, your favorite movie to be put on, or even something as simple as a math question.
  • Using Dolby Vision, you can adjust the lighting to create an immersive viewing experience that matches up with the room that you are in.




  • This model is very expensive – fifteen-hundred dollars. However, if you crave crisp images and a 4K television with all of the bells and whistles, then this is the one for you.
  • Only two HDMI ports, which means that, depending on the devices you have connected, you may have to frequently plug and unplug certain things.
  • No wireless connectivity for phones or tablets, despite the Android operating system and internet connectivity




The Sony XBR55X900F is a great television for those who desire a certain level of crispness and beauty that cannot be found elsewhere. As of now, 4K is still a budding technology that needs time to develop, but now is as good a time as any to see what 4K is all about, and for the enthusiast, there really is no better model.


Check out the latest price for the Sony XBR55X900F