Sceptre E249BV-SR Review

The Sceptre E249BV-SR is a twenty-four inch LED TV made for folks on a budget. Sceptre has always been what is known as a “budget brand”, and this television set fits in perfectly with their brand. However, don’t mistake this as a bad thing, because all of Sceptre’s television sets are of very good quality, and more importantly, they are inexpensive and easy to set up.


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Screen Size: 24 Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: No

HDMI Ports: 1

Resolution: 720p



  • Simplicity is key with the Sceptre E249BV-SR. Much like a computer or phone from Apple, you can set it up in minutes. There is no hassle. There is no confusion. There are no convoluted instructions. It’s incredibly easy to set up and incredibly easy to use.
  • You can connect a USB Drive or External Hard Drive to glance at family photos or to listen to your favorite music. For a budget television, this is an excellent feature.
  • The price is very inexpensive. On Amazon, you can find it for just ninety-three dollars, which is a steal for an HDTV! If you are on a budget, take note of this, because this might just be the one for you.




  • Only one HDMI port. Most of Sceptre’s smaller television sets contain only a single HDMI port. This is, in part, due to size, but also the cost of the television set itself. If you have two HDMI devices, such as a Playstation and a DVD or Blu-Ray Player, it will be a bit of an annoyance having to plug and unplug them over and over again.
  • 720p is not a bad resolution, but most HDTVs use at least 1080p. However, given the screen size, there really won’t be too much notable difference.




The E249BV-SR is an inexpensive and easy to use television. It is perfect for you if you want something small, rather compact, and incredibly easy to set up and use. If picture quality isn’t a huge concern of yours, then consider this one, because for only ninety-three dollars, it’s an absolute steal!


Check out the latest price for the Sceptre E249BV-SR