Samsung UN55MU7000FXZC Review

Just months ago, Samsung released one of their first budget 4K television models. The Samsung UN55MU7000FXZC is a 4K television that is, compared to other 4K televisions, inexpensive but just as powerful and sleek. This television is meant for home use, and fits wonderfully with a home-theater system, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in a film, television series, or video game.

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Screen Size: 55 Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: Yes

HDMI Ports: 3

Resolution: 4K


– The 4K display is absolutely stunning. The colors are rich and vibrant. Due to the 4K resolution there is an immense out of detail on display with every image. Using HDR Pro, you can manipulate the contrast and color to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of every image and to create the lighting you wish to see.
– Most 4K televisions are quite expensive, and as such, they aren’t meant for the average consumer. However, this television set is different – twelve-hundred dollars – and while it is expensive, it isn’t nearly as expensive as some of Samsung’s pricier models. Purchasing this television set ensures that you will receive an excellent viewing experience, without breaking the bank to purchase it.
– This is a Smart TV, which means that you have wireless internet access, allowing you to search Google, to watch Netflix/Hulu, and to do a variety of other things that you can do on your smartphone. There is a wide amount of functionality with this television set.


– While this is a relatively inexpensive television, especially for a 4K model, it is still fairly pricey, especially if you really don’t want to spend more than one-thousand dollars. As such, it may be wise to wait for a sale, or wait a year or so, when these televisions become less expensive to manufacture.
– Three HDMI ports is more than the average, but not by much. Given the size of this television set, you’d think that it would have more than three HDMI ports.


The Samsung UN55MU7000FXZC is a very good television set that provides a lot of value for a fairly low price. If you want a quality 4K television set that isn’t four-thousand dollars, than this is one the for you! However, if buying a television that costs over one-thousand dollars seems daunting to you, it may be wise to wait for a sale or to find another model.

Check out the latest price for the Samsung UN55MU7000FXZC