Samsung UN50MU6300FXZC Review

For eight-hundred dollars, you can pick up Samsung’s 50-inch 4K television set. These models are for people who don’t want to spend four-thousand dollars on a television. People who want something that is affordable, efficient, and high-quality, but targeted towards someone who really doesn’t care about all of the buzzwords and fancy gizmos that come with the more expensive models.

Check out the latest price for the Samsung UN50MU6300FXZC


Screen Size: 50 Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: Yes

HDMI Ports: 3

Resolution: 4K


– The price is comparably cheap compared to similar models from Sony and other brands. This is a big benefit because if you want something that’s inexpensive, but also high-quality, then this is something to think about, because it really is a very good television set.
– Using technology that Samsung has developed, this television runs on Tizen, an operating system very similar to Android. You can do just about anything on it, and Netflix and Hulu come built in, along with an app store and Google and YouTube functionality.
– The image quality is absolutely fantastic, and the 4K resolution upscaling takes anything that you’re doing – watching TV or a movie, playing videogames – and it turns it into something that is truly beautiful.


– The only real downside is that the image quality could be better, but that’s it. You aren’t paying an exorbitant amount of money for this television set, and it’s important to emphasize that fact.


The Samsung UN50MU6300FXZC is an excellent television set that will meet all of your basic television needs. However, if you crave the best of the best, this isn’t the right television set for you. That television set will cost quite a bit more money, and Sony seems to be leading that market right now. However, if you want something that looks nice, functions well, and is easy to use, then look no further.

Check out the latest price for the Samsung UN50MU6300FXZC