Parrot ANAFI Quadcopter 50855BBR Review

Parrot has been in the drone market for some time and is one of the top challengers to the popular DVI models. Today we are going to take a look at the newest release which is the Parrot ANAFI Quadcopter 50855BBR. This model has some of the features you expect from the higher end models with a price tag that is more reasonable for some. Below we will check out some of the key features it has and what you need to be aware of for benefits and downsides.

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Wireless Range: 12672 feet

Weight: 0.71 Pounds

Integrated GPS: Yes

Integrated Camera: Yes

Total Megapixels: 21


Everybody is looking for range when it comes to a drone for capturing some great video and this Parrot model can give you control up to 2.4 miles away which is excellent.

The 4K HDR camera and its 180 degree tilt gimbal gives you great quality and allows you to capture a great shot even at low angles.

Flight time is equal or above many other options in this price range with up to 25 minutes possible per flight, that really allows you to capture a ton of video without needing to recharge.

Includes 8 additional propeller blades which is important as no matter how good of a flyer you are there always seems to be a time when these break.


One of the key complaints that come from most consumers on the Parrot Anafi model is the bulky and tricky to use controller.


The Parrot ANAFI Quadcopter 50855BBR really seems like a new model that will be able to directly compete with the popular DVI models that are on the market. If you are consider a new Drone this seems to be one that you should highly consider.

Check out the latest price for the Parrot ANAFI Quadcopter 50855BBR