Oculus Go 301-00104-01 Review

Oculus is an American company specializing in Virtual Reality headsets and related technology. They have been going since 2012 and have developed a reputation for well-priced quality headsets. Their main lines are the Rift, the Go and the Gear VR.

The 301-00104-01 64MB Go option is all in one VR headset. It is lightweight, comfortable and features Integrated Spatial Audio and next-generation Oculus Lenses for great visuals.


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Speakers:                                           Built in

Display Resolution per Eye:                         1280×1440

Weight:                                             468 gm

Sensors:                                            Accelerometer Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor

Wireless:                                           Yes

Control Type:                                       Bluetooth controller with touchpad and buttons

Internal Memory:                                    64 gigabytes

Refresh Rate:                                       60 Hz

Operating System Compatibility:               Android and iOS

Field of View:                                      90 degrees

Positional Tracking:                                Yes


State of the art Oculus Lenses provide minimal glare and a decent field of view.

Great visuals and minimal screen-door effect due to Fast-Switch, Wide-Quad LCD.

Built-in Spatial Audio Speakers deliver excellent audio for VR and make sharing easy.

All in one, standalone VR

Generous 64GB memory for storing a good number of games, videos and photos

Comfortable, and lightweight for ease of movement. Breathable fabric has been used together with contoured foam for maximum comfort.


Some light can come from the bottom of the headset

Although lightweight, it can become heavy after a while

Battery life and charge time could be better


The Oculus Go is a well-priced standalone VR headset that has many great features. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it is a good option given where the technology is at right now. It delivers a great VR experience with excellent audio to match and is an excellent choice for a truly immersive experience.


Check out the latest price for the Oculus Go 301-00104-01