LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU Review

LG has made a wide variety of different television sets. This is one of their newest and most affordable models. However, before we begin looking at the specifications and the benefits and downsides of this model, we need to make it clear that this is a smaller television, and it’s also a budget television. If you’re not overly concerned with image quality, and you want something light and affordable, then keep reading, because this might just be the one for you!


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Screen Size: 24-Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: None

HDMI Ports: 1

Resolution: 720p




  • Inexpensive price. It’s a smaller television, and far less broad in its functionality compared to some of LG’s other televisions, but that means it’s a lot cheaper than those ones. If you’re on a tight budget, you should consider this one because it’s only one-hundred and twenty-dollars off of their website.
  • Simple to setup and easy to use. There are no hassles with this one. You can set it up very easily, and then you can use it.That’s it. Simple as that. There is nothing overly complicated about any of it, which makes this a great choice if you want something inexpensive and easy to use.
  • Great picture quality for the price. It’s not great, but it is very good, especially considering the price. This isn’t a high-end television set, but if you want something simple and easy to use, consider this one.




  • Very few HDMI ports. Most televisions – regardless of size or price – have at least two, this model only has one. This severely restricts your usage and the sheer extent of what you can have plugged in.
  • The 720p resolution is good, but most television sets are 1080p now, which means that the picture quality won’t be as good as those models, and it may make things look a little muddy or rough around the edges.
  • No extra functionality. Unlike some of the newer models that LG and others have been making, this television set has no extended functionality. It’s not a “Smart TV”, and there are no extra features such as wireless connectivity. This means that you can really only do three things. Watch TV. Watch movies. Play video games.




The LG 24LJ4540-WU is a good television set. Not a great one, but a good one. If you need a small, lightweight, inexpensive television set for watching television/movies or playing video games, then you should consider this option. At its current price, there really is no better deal on the market.


Check out the latest price for the LG Electronics 24LJ4540-WU