LG 43LJ515V Review

The LG 43LJ515V is a budget television set that is made for people who want something that is easy to use, not overly complicated, and inexpensive. If that describes you, and you are in the market for an HDTV, then keep on reading, because this may just be the right television set for you!

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Screen Size: 43 Inches

Display Technology: LED

Connectivity Technology: No

HDMI Ports: 2

Resolution: 1920 X 1080


– This is an inexpensive television set. You can pick it up for two-hundred and ninety-two euros, which, in U.S. dollars, is three-hundred and sixty-bucks. Most televisions cost quite a bit more than that, especially ones of this size, and so this is a very good price.
– The images are crystal clear and absolutely stunning! Using a technology known as “Resolution Upscaling”, anything that you’re watching or playing can be upscaled into the native resolution of 1080p, which makes every image look absolutely fantastic!
– Virtual Surround Sound technology allows for the sound to fully immerse you in your viewing experience. You don’t need to buy an expensive speaker system for this television set, it’s already built in!


– There is no connectivity technology such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. However, it does come with two USB ports that you can use to play music, look at pictures, or watch videos. Provided, of course, that they are in the formats that the LG 43LJ515V supports.
– Two HDMI ports is really limited, especially for a modern HDTV. However, it is a budget model, and if you only have one or two devices – such as a cable box and a Blu-Ray Player – then you’ll be fine. However, if you have several devices, you will need to either buy a hub, or to constantly go behind the set to unplug one device for the other to fit in.


The LG 43LJ515V is a good television set that works very well, is easy to use, and isn’t overly complicated. However, it does lack a variety of features that most new televisions have, and if you really want those features, then this isn’t the television set for you.

Check out the latest price for the LG 43LJ515V