Lenovo Ideapad 110 80VK000EUS Review

This time we’ve got Lenovo Ideapad 110 80VK000EUS on our list. While it’s slightly more expensive to be a proper Chromebook alternative, it certainly can be a good option for the first time consumers who don’t really want to spend a hell lot of bucks on a single piece of machine. I would rather say it’s one of those low-end mid-range budget laptops. Now to know if it’s worth its value or not read on.

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  • CPU – Intel Core i3 Dual-Core (7th Gen), 2.4 GHz
  • GPU – Intel HD 620
  • Memory – 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) DDR4, extendable upto 8 GB
  • Screen – 17.3-inch HD (1,600 x 900)
  • Storage – 500 GB SATA HDD
  • OS – Windows 10 Home edition




  • Performance – Before diving into the performance details of this machine let’s take a close look at the internal specs carefully. It features a Core i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM which is upgradable up to 8 GB and 500 GB of hard disk. Looking at the configuration it can be guessed there is no trouble handling day-to-day tasks like media consumption, web browsing or normal office works.
  • Battery – The Ideapad 110 comes with a pretty efficient 4 cell battery. Even after staying in the standby mode for a whole day, from a 100% charge level, it showed a charge level of 70% (meaning around 30% of discharging in that period). Impressive, isn’t it? Under standard usage like light net surfing or video streaming it safely stays awake for roughly 4 to 5 hours. The number might come down a bit if you higher the brightness or use it for more intense works.




  • Keyboard – There do exist some issues in the input system of this laptop. First of all, many of the users have complained that the position of the shift key is really unintuitive and irritating. If you’re used to typing in a full sized keyboard like me, you can stay assured that you’re gonna end up pressing the up direction key for the first couple of times (or a couple of hundred times). Secondly, the trackpad buttons are really noisy (and by noisy I mean realllly noisy). They feel like typing on some cheap Chromebook. And lastly, some users also complained that the trackpad tends to lag recognising multi-fingered gestures. It seems there are a hell lot of issues in the input system of this laptop.
  • Ports – Now, there is absolutely not an abundance of ports in this laptop. Most of the useful ports are on the left side of the chassis. The right-hand side of the device is mostly occupied by the optical disk drive and a mini Kensington lock slot resides in the rest of the space. But one very important thing to notice here is that, for some reason, it only comes with a couple of USB ports- one 2.0 port and a 3.0 port. So if you’re accustomed to using an external mouse while connecting more than one storage devices like your phone or your digicam, you’d feel hopelessly crippled with this configuration.
  • Display – The screen that is included in it is a TN display. Remember watching one of those monitors that tend to get black and white pretty easily when looking slightly from the side? Yeah, that’s one of those TNs. While there is not much complains about it (other than slight backlight bleeding), the display does have a pretty small visible angle (due to the prementioned reason).




So here is the million dollar question: Is it worth its money? Well maybe. Although it does lag a bit in certain sections like the lame keyboard and the noisy trackpad buttons. But there also are some great positives to it as described. So, long story short, it can be a good choice for everyday tasks like web surfing or media consumption. If you want a mid-range netbook for your school projects or your job presentation it can’t be missed.

Check out the latest price for the Lenovo Ideapad 110 80VK000EUS