HP Pavilion x360 14M- DH0001DX Review

The ultra- mobile HP Pavilion x360 14M- DH0001DX feature a fanless design with an intel pentium processor and up to 10 hours of battery life, all in a light weight design that is perfect for your backpack. While the Dell XPS 13s, and the MacBook of this world steal all the limelight, it’s the regular laptops that everyone ends up buying. These everyday laptops sacrifice one thing or the other to effect the reduction in price but it’s still difficult to satisfy everyone. This device is simply a solid performer that can get the job done, It does have a few bells and whistles that makes it more than the average workhorse laptop some of which are listed below


Processor- Intel Core i3

Memory- 8GB of RAM

Storage- 128GB SSD

Screen- 14 Inches


  • With Microsoft Edge as your browser, your online experience is swift and absolutely secure helping you enjoy a smooth responsive experience, wether you are oppening apps or streaming HD video.
  • You can position the display or the laptop in any configuration
  • Start- ups are quick and S mode is buil to keep them that way
  • The laptop is bog standard as far as design is concerned


  • Unfortunately, it’s maximum average brightness is 237 nits and that is far too low. Display should have been brighter
  • The battery life is surprisingly low or mediocre at best
  • The hinge does woble a bit making it sometimes unstable


The HP Pavilion x360 14M- DH0001DX is primarily made for home use, it is amply equipped for the usual office and internet application requirements. Also featuring  flexibility of the hing means that you can have some fun with it.