HP Pavilion x360 11M-AD113DX Review

If you are looking for a new laptop but don’t want to sacrifice portability and performance, the HP Pavilion x360 11M-AD113DX may be just what you need.

This model is small enough to easily carry around with you on your commute or even when travelling. At only 2.6 pounds, this laptop will not weigh down your backpack or briefcase, no matter how long of a trip you have planned for the day.

The Pavilion x360 comes equipped with an Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of RAM, which means that it has more than enough power to handle most tasks without any issues whatsoever. 

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11M-AD113DX has good angles for viewing and touch functionality. You will be able to watch videos and play games when you are out in public places. This means that no one will bother you, and they won’t see what you’re doing. You can also write things on your screen with your fingers if you want to. 

This model also includes two cameras, an HP TrueVision HD webcam located at the front for use during video calls with friends and family, as well as a full HD webcam at the back for taking high-quality photos of yourself or what’s in front of you.

HP Pavilion x360 11M-AD113DX Specifications

  • Processor: Intel Pentium
  • Memory: 4 GB of RAM
  • Storage: 500 GB SATA
  • Screen: 11.6 Inches
  • OS: Windows 10


  • 2-in-1 design allows you to use the device in laptop, tablet, audience, tabletop and presentation modes
  • laptop only weighs 3.06 pounds
  • Due to the smaller 11.6 inch display, this laptop has a tiny footprint making it very easy to stick in a backpack and go
  • Battery life of up to 8.5 hours will keep most users going throughout the day
  • Includes media card reader
  • Three USB 3.0 ports


  • The elementary processor and memory combination gives it limited performance, and it is not well suited for high-end tasks that require a lot of system resources.
  • The integrated graphics will have trouble keeping up with modern games
  • For those used to large 15.6-inch displays, the smaller 11.6-inch screen may be difficult to adjust to


You want a laptop capable of performing well on the go but also has enough power to handle everyday tasks.

The HP Pavilion x360 11M-AD113DX is not an expensive laptop, and it does come with some limitations; however, if you are looking for something basic, this could be the right choice for you.

 If you need a high-end computer, I recommend checking out another model, but if you only require something simple that can still perform most tasks like watching Netflix or surfing the web, this product should work perfectly fine.

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