HP Pavilion 790-0020 Review

HP is known for its computers and laptops that are great for office or home use. They’re not one of the popular names when it comes to gaming computers. There’s a start for everything, however, and a big name like HP can certainly afford to take the risk and venture into something new. The HP Pavilion 790-0020 is a gaming computer from HP that has a lot of great features, but perhaps not enough to make it one of the top gaming PCs out there right now. Some of its specs are great while the others aren’t good enough to complement them.

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Processor: i5-8400
Memory: 8GB RAM
Storage: 256GB SSD
Operating system: Windows 10
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060


This is one of the most contradictory computers on the market. The processor and RAM aren’t spectacular but they’re good enough for an average gaming computer. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 is a great graphics card that’ll run most games with resolutions up to 2560×1440. As for the operating system, well Windows 10 is the latest OS right now so you’re getting the latest whether you like it or not. The storage comes in the form of a solid state drive which results in faster start up times and data access.


The HP Pavilion 790-0020 isn’t good enough to be considered one of the best gaming PCs. The processor and RAM are only just good enough and the device’s storage is lacking. While it may be a solid state drive, it’s still only 256GBs. That’s nowhere near enough for a gaming computer. You’re going to need much more data if you want to store plenty of games.


The HP Pavilion 790-0020 is certainly a fair or decent gaming PC, but is it the most solid and best performing one? No. The graphics card is basically the best thing about it. The processor and RAM are good enough to supplement the graphic card, and then comes the internal storage bringing everything down with it. It’s hard to understand why HP went with such low storage and considering the 850$ price tag, they definitely could’ve done more.

Check out the latest price for the HP Pavilion 790-0020