HP 20-C410 Review

The problem with desktop computers is that you then have to start looking for a screen to go with them. This isn’t always a bad idea as you can keep the screen for a future computer, but for some people it’s an inconvenience. Plus, having a screen or monitor that’s separate from the desktop means extra wires and installations. Here’s where HP comes in with its HP 20-C410 all in one device that’s basically a monitor with a built in desktop computer, or vice versa depending on how you look at it.

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Processor: Celeron J5005 (Gemini Lake)
Memory: 4GB RAM
Storage: 1TB
Operating system: Windows 10
Screen: 19.5 inch screen with 1600×900 resolution


You have all you need in one device. All you need to do is connect a mouse and keyboard and you’re ready to go. The amount of processor and RAM that comes with the HP 20-C410 aren’t spectacular but they’re good enough for regular use. Of course you have the 1TB storage which you probably won’t exceed considering the computer’s specs.
The computer comes with a built in media reader so that all you need to do is plug in your memory card and start browsing your photos and media straightaway. Bluetooth is also supported making wireless transfers an option as well.


Like we said the processor and memory here are somewhat basic for a computer these days. It’s unlikely to be able to perform anything too demanding. It also only comes with 2 USB ports which can be limiting because sometimes we can need to connect up to 4 USBs at a single time. The resolution here isn’t the best either.


If you want something for basic functions and without having to worry about buying and connecting a screen then the HP 20-C410 should be on your mind. It’s also great for simple media playback considering it has a built in memory reader and Bluetooth. If you want something to watch movies of the highest revolution, play games, or run complex demanding software then you should probably look at other options.

Check out the latest price for the HP 20-C410