Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS Review

If you’re looking to buy a computer to last you a decade then you don’t need to look further than Dell. The company’s high quality computers and laptops are known all over the world. Dell’s Inspiron series in particular has been around for over 10 years which is a testament to their high quality. With each new release in the Inspiron series the computers are upgraded to keep up and even get ahead of the times. The Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS despite not being one of the current leaders of the Inspiron computers is still very good for day to day use whether for work or leisure. Let’s take a look at the Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS in detail.

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Processor: i3-8100
Memory: 8GB RAM
Storage: 1TB
Operating system: Windows 10


Intel’s i3 processor is not the most powerful on the market, but it still performs rather well and is good enough to perform most day to day tasks such as browsing the internet, using Office, and media playback. The 1TB hard drive also ensures that you don’t need to upgrade with purchased hard drives later on as you’re unlikely to consume so much space. What’s great about this device, and so many desktops, is that you can upgrade some of its specs later on as it has room for these upgrades like adding RAM.
The computer also comes with Wave MaxxAudio Pro which will provide you with an amazing sound experience that’ll make watching movies or playing music so much more enjoyable.


Speaking of RAM, the Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS has 8GB of RAM. Let’s be honest, for most of the population these 8GBs are more than enough, but if we’re comparing this to other desktops from the Inspiron series then it’s not the highest. There are Dell computers with i5 processors and 12GBs of RAM so let’s make it clear that the Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS isn’t the top dog here.


If you’re looking for a computer that’s great for day to day use then choose this one. However if you’re a gamer or have more demanding tasks in mind then you should look for something with higher RAM and a better processor.

Check out the latest price for the Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS