CyberPower GXIVR2940OBST Review

CyberPowerPC has made a name for themselves when it comes to gaming desktops and more importantly, gaming laptops that give you a great bang for your buck. Today we are looking at the CyberPower GXIVR2940OBST which comes with a nice balance of high end specs along with features that gamers need to fully enjoy their experience. Below we will check out some of the benefits and downsides should you decide to make this your next purchase.


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Processor: Intel Core i5

Memory: 8 GB of RAM

Storage: 2 TB SATA plus 240 GB SSD

Screen: N/A

OS: Windows 10


When it comes to storage CyberPowerPC really went all out on this model. Not only do you have a huge 2 TB SATA drive but as an added bonus you also have a 240 GB SSD. No matter what is more important to you, plenty of space for all your files or high end performance you are well covered with these two drives included.

For gaming you require a high end graphics card as most new games have some very demanding graphics. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 comes with 3 GB of dedicated memory which should easily handle most modern games.

With 8 USB ports available finding room for all your external devices is quite easy.


For what is considered a high end gaming machine the lack of memory at just 8 GB is a bit disappointing. Luckily one of the pluses out of this is that the system can support all the way up to 64 GB so you have plenty of room to expand.

Another slight negative against this model is the decision to go with an Intel Core i5 instead of i7. The i5 is a bit more budget friendly but is a slight step below the i7 when it comes to performance.


Even with its downsides the CyberPower GXIVR2940OBST is a quality gaming rig that will have you playing the latest and greatest titles right out of the box.


Check out the latest price for the CyberPower GXIVR2940OBST