Vizio P65-F1 Review

What’s a television if its colors aren’t amazing? You can always tell a good tv from a bad one by walking through a store and looking at the contrast of colors. Some tvs do too much and some too little while others do it just right. Vizio’s P series is certainly one of those that … Read more

Vizio E55-F1 Review

We all know where good technology comes from and without a doubt America is one of these few countries. From cars to computers to tvs, if it’s made in America then you know you’re buying something worth its weight. Vizio and its tvs are no exception. The American based company has been around for over … Read more

Vizio E50-F2 Review

Unlike most companies that make televisions along with smartphones and several other appliances, Vizio is a company fully dedicated to making flat screen tvs. The company has been around since 2002 and has been successful for 16 years. The American based company looks like it knows what it’s doing when it comes to tvs. One … Read more

Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA Review

Samsung has been one of the leading television manufacturers in recent years. The company is no longer known for being a giant in the smartphone industry, but also in the television industry. Always integrating new features into their tvs and sometimes even being the first company to release these features has made Samsung stand out. … Read more

TCL 40S305 Review

TCL is a lesser-known electronics manufacturer that has actually been making some very high-end television sets for quite some time. This model is forty-inches, and is only two-hundred and fifty-dollars. However, there is one big thing that sets it apart from most other television sets. It runs on a Smart TV operating system known as … Read more

Sony XBR55X930E Review

Before we get into this review, let’s make it known that Sony is a high-end brand that makes excellent, but expensive, television sets. Right now, if you want to buy the Sony XBR55X930E, it’s going to cost you one-thousand five-hundred dollars. However, you are getting one of the best television sets on the market. If … Read more

VIZIO E43-E2 Review

Just like Samsung, VIZIO has entered the 4K television market, and they are coming out with many budget models. Models that deliver a fantastic 4K experience, without costing you an arm and a leg. Right now, you can pick this television set up for only four-hundred dollars, which is a very good price.   Check … Read more

Sylvania SLED3917 Review

Sylvania is a brand that most people have not heard of. They manufacture consumer electronics of all sorts, and right now, they’re trying to get into the television market. This is an inexpensive – only three-hundred and fifty-dollars – HDTV that is simple and easy to use, while delivering a good viewing experience.   Check … Read more

Sony XBR65X850E Review

The Sony XBR65X850E is Sony’s latest high-end 4K television set. It’s pricey – currently twelve-hundred dollars off of Amazon – but it’s also an incredible television set with a range of excellent features. If you’re in the market for a high-end 4K set with Smart TV functionality and a range of great features, then keep … Read more

Sceptre U758CV-UMR Review

Sceptre is known for making inexpensive, budget televisions. This television is an extension of that brand, but just because they brand themselves as “budget” and “inexpensive” doesn’t mean that the television sets they make are bad or of poor quality. In fact, the Sceptre U858CV-UMR is actually a very good 4K television.   Check out … Read more

Sceptre X509BV-FSR Review

Before we start this review, let’s just point out that Sceptre is a lower-budget brand that consistently makes very good, very high-quality, television sets that are meant for people who really don’t care about all of the extra details that you often find in television sets from bigger brands such as Sony and Samsung. That, … Read more

Sceptre X438BV-FSR Review

Today, you can get the Sceptre X438BV-FSR for two-hundred dollars. This is a steal, to say the least. While Sceptre may be known as a “budget brand”, there televisions are of excellent quality! If you want an inexpensive HDTV, then keep on reading, because this might be just the one for you!   Check out … Read more

Sceptre X415BV-FSR Review

If you purchase a Sceptre X415BV-FSR today, it will only cost you two-hundred dollars if you purchase it from Amazon. This is a forty-inch HDTV, and it only costs two-hundred dollars. That’s a steal! If you’re interested, then keep on reading, because this might just be the television set for you!   Check out the … Read more

Philips 50PUS6162/05 Review

Much like Toshiba, Philips is an established company making consumer electronics for quite some time. However, they have, in many ways, fallen behind companies such as Sony and Samsung.  They have consistently reinvented both their image and product line to suit the needs of modern consumers.  As such, the Philips 50PUS6162/05 is a great television … Read more

LG 43LJ515V Review

The LG 43LJ515V is a budget television set that is made for people who want something that is easy to use, not overly complicated, and inexpensive. If that describes you, and you are in the market for an HDTV, then keep on reading, because this may just be the right television set for you!   … Read more

Samsung UE32M5620AKXXU Review

The Samsung UE32M5620AKXXU is part of Samsung’s more inexpensive line of HD televisions. If you are in need of a good, smaller, inexpensive HD television set that comes with Smart TV functionality, then this may just be the one for you. However, before you read the rest of the review, it must be known that, … Read more

Toshiba 65U6763DB Review

Toshiba has been in the television game for quite some time, and while they may not be nearly as powerful or well-known as they once were, don’t let this distract you from the fact that they make a very good television set, as the Toshiba 650U6763DB proves.   Check out the latest price for the … Read more

Philips 50PUS6272/05 Review

Philips is an older brand that, perhaps, has not stayed as contemporary or relevant as other brands such as Sony and Samsung. Nonetheless, regardless of how “hip” they are, Philips knows how to make a high-quality, reliable television set that delivers a satisfying and easy to use television experience. This television is proof of that. … Read more

Sony XBR75X900F Review

Sony has been making 4K televisions for a while now. Unlike Samsung, they are in the business of making high-end television sets that cost a pretty penny, but deliver on everything that you could ever ask for. Right now, the Sony XBR75X900F costs four-thousand dollars. However, this television set has just about everything you could … Read more

Sony XBR75X850F Review

Sony has spent a lot of time and money building a line of excellent 4K television sets. The XBR75X850F is a continuation of that line. Before we get into this, let’s make it known that this is not a “budget” television set. It is very high-end and as such, it is very expensive. That said, … Read more