Asus ROG Strix GL703VD-WB71 Review

With the move from big and bulky desktop gaming computers to more compact laptops the gaming laptop market is exploding with new options. Now every laptop maker has at least one lineup of gaming laptops available and today we are going to look at the Asus ROG Strix GL703VD-WB71. This model is a large 17 inch screen device with plenty of horsepower to handle most modern games with ease. Below we are going to review some of the benefits and downsides to this new release and see just how well it stacks up to the competition.

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Processor: Intel Core i7

Memory: 16 GB of RAM

Storage: 1 TB FireCuda SSHD

Screen: 17 Inches

OS: Windows 10


– Very high end processor in the Intel Core i7 gives this some of the best processing power you will find in a consumer grade laptop
– Asus has made sure to put plenty of memory in the system at 16 GB
– A powerful graphics card is essential to playing modern games that have very intense graphics and the GeForce GTX 1050 with its 4 GB of dedicated memory is up to the challenge
– It comes with a large 1 TB SSHD drive, which isn’t quite as fast performing as an SSD put still far exceeds a regular SATA and has plenty of storage space
– 4 USB ports altogether with 3 running on the newer and much faster USB 3.0 technology


– Those looking for a mobile friendly day to day computer will probably want to avoid this setup as it weighs a very heavy 6.5 pounds
– The optical drive is one technology that Asus decided wasn’t needed on this model and for most it will be no big issue but for those that still use physical media on a regular basis an external drive will need to be purchased


The Asus ROG Strix GL703VD-WB71 is powerful enough to handle all modern games while still being affordable enough to be a reasonable option for most potential consumers.

Check out the latest price for the Asus ROG Strix GL703VD-WB71