Asus Q534UX-BI7T22 Review

The ASUS Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop with its 15.6-inch will help you get your work done anywhere, whether you are at home, in the office, or on the road. Its massive 2 TB hard drive has ample room to store all your files and then some, and the 16GB of DDR4 RAM makes it ideal for multitasking. The Intel Core i7 processor enables quick processing, and you can even work in low light with the illuminated keyboard.

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Processor: Intel 7th Generation Core i7

Memory: 16 GB DDR4 RAM

Storage: 2512 GB SATA

Screen size: 15.6 inch

Operating System: Windows 10


  • Built with Windows Ink in mind, this laptop allows you to enjoy experiences driven by Ink in applications such as Messenger, Office and Microsoft Edge. Other programs like Adobe’s Illustrator will also provide you with a pen experience that is completely intuitive.
  • 16GB of high-bandwidth DDR4 RAM will run your graphics heavy video editing software and games smoothly.
  • The 2TB hard drive enables plenty storage, while the 512GB solid state drive enables faster data access and start up times.
  • The 360° fold and flip design offers adaptable functionality with audience, laptop, presentation, tabletop and tablet modes.
  • The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M graphics card with 2GB dedicated video memory renders high quality images for videos and games quickly.


  • If you plan on using a laptop for Solidworks or Draftsight, we recommend you look at something else. The 4k resolution makes the icons appear smaller and the programs hard to work with.
  • Facial recognition doesn’t work 90% of the time. Background lighting seems to affect it badly
  • Reflective display
  • Slow HDD


The Asus Q524UX is unfortunately not much more than good looks. Behind the dark-chocolate frame and fancy copper hinges lurks a giant bezel surrounding the 15-inch display; an ancient technology, slow HDD, and a non-responsive keyboard that is set too far back in the case.

At this price, there are plenty of better alternatives available.

Check out the latest price for the Asus Q534UX