Asus Chromebox 3-N017U Review

Desktop computers no longer have to be big and bulky or expensive with the addition of Google Chrome to the market. Today we are looking at one of the latest Chromebox Mini PC’s to come available and that is the Asus Chromebook 3-N017U. Below we will break down some of the key features of this model and see what some of the good and bad are.

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Processor: Intel Celeron

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Storage: 32 GB SSD

Screen: N/A

OS: Chrome OS


When it comes to cost and mobility it is obvious this ChromeBox is going to easily beat out any regular PC desktop. With a price tag well below $300 even those on a strict budget can easily afford and with a total weight of just 2.2 pounds it is lighter than a laptop.

Chromebox PC’s don’t have the same hefty hardware requirements that a typical PC has so while 4 GB of memory might not seem like a lot for a device running Chrome OS it is plenty. This device is quick and responsive which is exactly what consumers are looking for.

With two USB ports included you will still find room for most of your external devices.


Most of the limitations you are going to find on the Asus Chromebook 3-N017U are things you would expect from this type of device. For starters you only have 32 GB of storage so using online storage or an external drive is very likely if you save any amount of data at all.

Any gaming that requires high end graphics is not going to work well on this device so unfortunately it won’t replace your more expensive gaming rig.


The Asus Chromebook 3-N017U isn’t going to replace your high end desktop for high end tasks and gaming but for those who are just looking for a basic device and wanting to save some cash it makes a great option.

Check out the latest price for the Asus Chromebox 3-N017U