Alienware Aurora R7 AWAUR7-7040SLV-PUS Review

The Alienware name is a staple in the PC gaming community. Dell’s enthusiast line has been known to deliver some of the best gaming experiences available. The Alienware Aurora R7 AWAUR7-7040SLV-PUS lives up to the Alienware reputation.

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CPU: Intel Hex Core i7-8700, Base Clock 3.2 GHz/Boost Clock 4.6 GHz
Chipset: Z370
Storage: 2 TB Hard Drive, and 256 GB SSD
GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080ti 11 GB
Wireless Protocol: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Disk Drive: DVD-Writer
PSU: 850 W
OS: Windows 10 Home 64


– The Intel Hex Core i7-8700 will satisfy your processing needs and more. Are you a gamer? Not a problem. This processor can handle it without bottlenecking the 1080ti. You want to do some content creation or other CPU heavy tasks? Also not a problem. The multicore performance for this processor is phenomenal, and with the impressive boost speeds, this CPU also has some impressive single-core performance numbers!
– The 1080ti is one of the most (some would argue the most) powerful GPUs in the world. It can run games in 4k at a steady 60 fps on ultra settings. In some games it defeats its big brother, the GTX Titan X Pascal.
– With a 2 TB hard drive, the Alienware Aurora R7 AWAUR7-7040SLV-PUS provides plenty of storage space. On top of the 2 TB hard drive, it also has a 256 GB SSD.
– It supports the lighting-fast 802.11ac wifi protocol, so don’t worry about your internet speed being bottlenecked by a weak wireless connection.
– It includes an 850 W power supply, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading your PSU if you’d like to add more parts in the future.


– The price is fairly high. This desktop sells for about $2,099.99. That’s out of the reach for most, but if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed. For the performance that’s packed into the Alienware Aurora R7 AWAUR7-7040SLV-PUS, that price point is fairly good.
– The Core i7-8700 does not support overclocking and its base clock is a bit slower than its 8700K big brother, but the difference will be negligible in gaming, and not overtly significant in CPU heavy tasks.


This PC will, and can handle anything you throw at it. No matter how demanding the game and/or application, the Alienware Aurora R7 AWAUR7-7040SLV-PUS will take it in stride. With its unprecedented 4k gaming performance, if you’re able to afford it and you already have a 4k display, this system is definitely worth its $2,099.99 price point.

Check out the latest price for the Alienware Aurora R7 AWAUR7-7040SLV-PUS