10 Best new desktop computers released by bestbuy.com reviewed (June 2018 Edition)

Best budget friendly option:HP Pavilion 20-C410
Best gaming option: iBUYPOWER SNOWBLIND943
Best everyday use option: Dell Inspiron I3670-5750BLK-PUS

Dell Inspiron I3670-5750BLK-PUS Review:

Pros: With 12 GB of memory available this desktop has the power to run higher end applications with ease or easily handle multi-tasking even if it doesn’t have a high end Intel Core i7 processor available. The Intel Core i5 that comes with it is still quite capable and with its more budget friendly price gives those who are looking to save a nice option.
Cons: One of the advantages of having a desktop over a more compact laptop is the availability of ports for your external devices. While this model does contain 4 USB ports only two of these run on the newer and much faster USB 3.0 technology. Also its lack of a built in display like some of the all-in-ones are able to provide means you are left having to purchase an additional screen if you don’t already own one.

CyberPowerPC GMA2800BST Review:

Pros: You expect to have to pay top dollar to get any type of desktop computer that can handle gaming but CyberPowerPC is trying to change that way of thinking with this model. Even though it is well below $1000 you will find an AMD Radeon RX 580 with 4 GB of dedicated memory that can handle most gaming needs. Along with this you will also find 6 USB 3.1 ports which is unexpected for a desktop in this price range.
Cons: Probably the biggest drawback to this model is its lack of memory at only 8 GB. Luckily this is always something you can look at upgrading if you find it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS Review:

Pros: The Dell Inspiron I3470-3903BLK-PUS is very budget friendly and a great option for those who want something affordable to accomplish basic day to day tasks. System memory only comes with 8 GB but is expandable to 32 GB to help extend the life of your purchase as the need for performance increases.
Cons: This model includes a very basic processor in the Intel Core i3 and its lack of a high end gaming card makes it a poor option for anybody who plans on doing any amount of gaming.

CyberPowerPC GUA1600BST Review:

Pros: CyberPowerPC continues to impress by including more than we expect from a budget friendly desktop model. This model includes an AMD Radeon RX 560 graphics card which isn’t a high end piece of hardware but is still a nice step above the integrated graphic options we typically see in a unit with this price tag. That along with 6 USB ports
Cons: The combination of the AMD FX processor and just 8 GB of memory may not be enough to handle the demands of some of the more modern and resource hungry games on the market.

CyberPowerPC GXIVR2940OBST Review:

Pros: A powerful Intel Core i7 processor and tons of storage space with the 2 TB SATA are the key selling factors on this high end desktop from CyberPowerPC. As an added bonus for the up to date gamer it also comes VR ready to support the newest exciting technology to hit the gaming market.
Cons: For a desktop that is marketed as a high end gaming device we are surprised to only see 8 GB of memory included. Now this is an option you can expand yourself if you have a little bit of computer savvy but for those that prefer not to tinker with their new purchase this will be a drawback.

HP Pavilion 20-C410 Review:

Pros: Easily remove the clutter that is normally expected with a desktop computer with the HP Pavilion 20-C410 which comes in an all-in-one design. This extremely compact model takes up very little room and at the same time has a very budget friendly price that makes it affordable for just about everyone.
Cons: While this model is quite affordable it does have limited resources. It comes with just a low end Intel Celeron processor and only 4 GB of memory which gives it enough power to cover the basics but that is just about it. Higher end users or gamers are going to find it lacks the power to do what they want.

HP Pavilion 590-A0010 Review:

Pros: If you have plenty of external devices the HP Pavilion 590-A0010 has you well covered with 8 USB 3.1 ports that give you extremely fast data transfers compared to the older USB 2.0 technology. It is hard to ignore the great budget friendly price on this desktop as well which is affordable even for those who are on a strict budget.
Cons: The lack of system memory should be a concern for anybody who plans on doing more than just the basics on their new desktop device. It only includes 4 GB of memory and while it can be expanded up to 16 GB that does require an additional purchase and some computer savvy to be able to install after the face.

HP Pavilion 790-0020 Review:

Pros:The HP Pavilion 790-0020 has some nice features that we haven’t found in the other models we are reviewing today such as an SSD drive. Unfortunately the SSD drive lacks the same amount of storage space as the typical SATA we find but it more than makes up for this with its much faster read and write times with has a huge impact on the overall performance of your computer. The Intel Core i5 processor along with 8 GB of memory is a nice touch as well as it can produce some decent performance without being overly expensive.
Cons: While this desktop has some solid gaming specifications such as a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card and a decent processor in the Intel Core i5 it lacks the high end hardware to truly be considered for hardcore gamers.


Pros: No matter if you are a high end gamer, business user or just somebody who wants a powerful PC the iBUYPOWER SNOWBLIND943 is going to easily check off just about all the important points on your shopping list. Starting with the powerful Intel Core i7 processor to the hybrid hard drive setup that includes a large storage SATA and a fast performing SSD this desktop was built for power. For those who want to be able to play the latest and greatest games the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with its 8 GB of memory easily has you covered.
Cons: It is hard to find many downsides to a model like this which has crammed in so much high end hardware but the one obvious drawback is the price. This desktop will cost you as much as 4 X what we have seen with some of the other models reviewed. From a hardware perspective if there was one thing we would have liked to see changed it would be an increase in the SSD storage instead of just a smaller 120 GB drive.

HP 24-F0060 Review:

Pros: If your looking for an All-In-One with a little more screen real estate the HP 24-F0060 might be your answer. The 23.8 inch display is on par with what many consumers are looking for in a desktop model and while this is slightly more expensive than some other options we have looked at you need to factor in that purchasing an additional monitor is not required. The Intel Core i5 processor along with 12 GB of memory can easily handle most users tasks with ease.
Cons: You won’t find a high end graphics card included on this model so gaming will be out of the question for those who want to play the latest and greatest titles available. Since it is an all-in-one model upgrading it in the future is a little more difficult than your average desktop computer.