The Asustek Asus CHROMEBOX2-G084U is a compact, portable unit with the capabilities of an entry-level desktop.

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CPU: Intel Celeron 3215U 1.7GHz Dual-Core Processor
Storage: 16 GB SSD, 100 GB Free of Google Drive space
GPU: Integrated
Wireless Adapter: 802.11ac Wifi Protocol
Accessories: Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
OS: Chrome OS


– It’s small, light, and below $320.
– The access to 100 GB of free Google Drive space is a great plus. Since you’ll have a lot of your files on Google Drive, you’ll be able to access it from all of your devices!
– It supports more than one display, and it has an HDMI port and a DisplayPort.
– The Asustek Asus CHROMEBOX2-G084U supports the 802.11ac wifi protocol for a blazingly fast wireless connection


– Don’t expect a lot of processing horsepower from the Asustek Asus CHROMEBOX2-G084U. Gaming and content creation are out of the question with this system.
– There’s only 16 GB in the SSD which doesn’t leave much room for local storage.


The Asustek Asus CHROMEBOX2-G084U is a great ChromeBox for below $320. While it doesn’t have a significant amount of power, it’s great for everyday use. If you’re looking for something portable that makes use of Google Drive, this may be the right pick for you.

Check out the latest price for the Asustek Asus CHROMEBOX2-G084U

Asustek Asus CHROMEBOX2-G084U Review

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